High Energy Children’s Party Games

Over the years I have tried and tested many different party games as Crazybron’s Children’s Entertainment on the children that attend my events, I find that the most effective games are the old fashioned faithful’s, like freeze, limbo, pass the parcel and musical bob, to follow are my favorites and how to play them.

DJ James 1. FREEZE:

  • Have upbeat music at the ready, explain to the children that as the music starts they must dance to the beat
  • When the music stops the children must stand still like statues.
  • If a child moves they are out.
  • To keep track of who is in and who is out I pretend I have a corporate box next to me where the children that are out can come and dance, the children enjoy the interaction and it allows you freedom to keep an eye on the game.
  • The last person to move is the winner.</li>

2. LIMBO: A game can not get much simpler than limbo, all that is required is a pole of some description  colorfully decorated and some festive music. Explain to the children that they must go under the pole without landing on their knees, they must bend their backs, widen their legs and shuffle under the pole. The child that gets the lowest is of course the winner.</li>

3. PASS THE BALLOON: An older style game that we played at parties as children, firstly ask the children to sit in a circle, I like to make it a challenge, if the children can make a circle and not a jellybean, egg or raindrop then I offer them a sticker for their efforts. When the music starts the children must pass the balloon in the chosen direction, when the music stops the child holding the balloon is out. The winner of the game is the last child left.

4. MUSICAL CARPET: Have some old carpet or cushions on hand, arrange them around the room, when the music starts have the children dance around the carpet / cushions, when the music stops each child sits down on a cushion or piece of carpet. The last child left sitting on a chair is the winner of the game.

5. MUSICAL BOB: This is another dancing game so have your upbeat music on hand. Explain to the kids that when the music starts they must dance to the beat, this means moving your feet as well. When the music stops have them bob down and touch the ground. (I find it works better when I show them what I mean, I then ask them to do it with me.) The last person to touch the ground in each round is out.

Stay Tuned for more awesome party games for kids

Avoiding Birthday Party Stress

Face Painting Fun


When I was a little girl my mother would throw the most amazing parties for me, simply done with basic games in a room filled with balloons and streamers, these day’s parties have everything from Clowns to Face Painters, I have even been at a party when they hired in a hot dog and ice cream van to supply the catering on the day, loads of fun for the kids, all washed down the traditional ice cream van version of Green Sleeves.

Firstly, decide on a budget and stick to it, it is so easy these days to be swept away in the excitement of organizing your child’s party. Holding a party at home is easily said however it is easy to spend more money than you have, I have heard all so often from parents that they should have held the party at a venue and not done it themselves. Start with the basics, believe it or not children are happy with simple fun parties. Set your party up outside, this allows your guests greater access to space for play and game. Music is key, make sure that you have an assortment of upbeat songs close at hand for party games. Plan some games, like freeze, bob freeze, pass the balloon and limbo.

I have a suitcase of prizes that I carry with me to my parties, the child that wins the game chooses a prize from the bag, I usually spend no more than $2.00 per item, the children still really enjoy the selection that I have on offer. Stickers, bubbles, pencils and erasers, friendship bracelets, loom bands, colouring in books, craft activities and so much more.

Remember, organising your child’s party does not need to be hard, keep it simple, don’t run the party for too long and keep in mind that your child loves you no matter what, you are his / her world and the fact that you are putting on a party is perfect enough for them. As long as you have a cake, a handful of games and loot bags at the end you are going to be a winner.